Saturday, May 31, 2008

Retail Therapy

I have finally been bitten by the bug of super duper saving money using coupons, store sales and the expertise of folks on the internet.

Walgreens had a coupon that was good yesterday for $10 off of a $30 purchase. This is what I got. We are going camping at the beach next week and I needed several things.

Northern toilet tissue 3 pkgs at $4.00 ea $12.00

Travel pillows 1.99 ea 3.98

2 pillow cases for these 1.99 1.99

2 Mini book lights-these are great for the camper 1.50 ea. 3.00

Colgate toothpaste 2.59

Excedrin 1.99

4 bags of Chex mix-on sale for .99 3.96

Pop up hamper on clearance for $2.00 2.00

Tru lemon 1.99

Edge shave gel 2.99

Schick Titanum shavers 2 @ 9.49 ea. 18.98

Dove chocolate on sale for 2/$6.00 6.00

Dixie plates & cups 7.58

Plastic spoons .99

Total after tax $76.51

Now here comes the sweet part. I had coupons for these:

$10.00 walgreens coupon

3.60 off of the plates & cups

1.00 tru lemon

4.71 off of dove chocolate

1.60 off of toothpaste

1.00 off of shave gel

19.00 off of shavers

4.00 off of chex mix

1.00 off excedrin

My total after tax was 29.11! The young man working the register was quite impressed.

Here is a picture of my loot.

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