Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recent thrift store finds

These are a couple of things I have bought recently. I am not sure what I will do with these cute little things ($1.49 ea.) , but I do have plans for the shelf!

The Ballards Pear

Up until a couple of months ago I had never heard of "Ballards". I kept reading so many people talking about copying their designs and blogging about the "Ballards Pear". I pretty much decided that I had to have one so I had been on the lookout while Goodwill shopping. Much to my pleasure, I found a similar item a couple of weeks ago for $2.99. I also picked up a couple of white shelves ($4.00 for both) with the tops painted red. I spray painted the shelves and added the pear and some other items to create what I think is a pretty nice looking vignette (I didn't know this word as it applied to decorating either!). We were at the beach last week for a couple of days and I found a thrift store where I got the cute little basket for $.25 and the teeny tiny oil painting for $1.50. The basket is really good quality and it was A QUARTER!!
I laid the shelves on the floor to take this picture!
The finished look!
Any critique on the placement of the items??
I apologize for the blurry picture, and our walls are not orange, they are "Baked Clay" from Sherwin Williams.

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