Saturday, August 9, 2008

Leaving IBC

This is our last month at IBC. We will be leaving at the end of August to find a church to serve and worship closer to home. We have driven to Inglewood from Hendersonville since 2002 but we feel the timing is right for us now to be closer to home. We have so many good friends and it is going to be hard to say goodbye, but we feel really strong that God is leading us elsewhere.

Swim in it if you got it.

Last weekend we had a plethora of friends at our house to swim. Debbie, Dakota & Duncan Gowins started the Saturday off by swimming in the morning. In the afternoon, Erin Wilson had her birthday party at our house. She had a big crowd and a really good Hannah Montana white cake with white icing.

On Sunday after church, the Owen family came over and we swam for most of the afternoon. It was a big pool day for the Owen children. Claire spent all afternoon jumping in the deep end and Carter advanced from dipping his toe to full fledged underwater jumping in. My buddy Cooper is like me...he prefers to take it nice and slow and just move around the edge of the pool.

I will NOT spare Kristi Wilson the embarassment of posting her picture wearing the blond Hannah Montana wig. We will sure miss all of these folks when we leave IBC but hope that we will continue to see them often.
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