Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, my aching back.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc around Christmas of last year and have been treating with chiropractic adjustments since January. I have also had 20 spinal decompression sessions (at $50 a visit!) and thought I was making progress. The last few days I have been hurting quite a bit. It is so frustrating! It hurts to sit yet, I have to sit at work. Even though I try to get up every so often and walk around, it goes right back to hurting as soon as I sit back down. I am starting stretching exercises on Monday so maybe they will have some impact. I would appreciate your prayers that I will get some relief real soon.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain, sister! I had a herniated disc last spring and summer (L4-L5). I waited WAY too long to seek treatment, and was so inflammed (muscles, nerves, etc.) that I was very limited in what I could do in physical therapy, so it was not effective. I had an MRI, and found a back specialist who gave me a spinal epidural. Belive me, the thought of a needle in my back was the LAST thing I wanted, but the preliminary anxiety about it was much worse than the procedure. I had immediate relief and a few days later started physical therapy again, with much success. My advice - Dr. Keith Nichols at TN Orthopaedic Alliance and Karen Griffin at STAR Physical Therapy near Baptist Hospital (Karen is also a friend of ours). I think I have sent three others to them, all with relief. Let me know if you have questions - after months of pain, I think I'm an expert of the lower back now. xxoo ~Linda

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