Monday, June 30, 2008

Jack has a BIG boo boo.

Our dog Jack caught his two front paws in between the planks on the deck yesterday in a rather freakish accident. One of his toenails was barely hanging on so we had to make a trip to the Rivergate Emergency Pet Clinic. He ended up losing three toenails. Kevin took him today to our vet and they rebandaged his feet and gave him antibodics and anti inflamatory pills. He is almost back to normal today, but yesterday he was so pitiful. Here he is today after getting new bandages. Orange of all colors!!


Anonymous said...

Jack, Cody knows your pain. He lost a toenail several years ago in the fence, along with breaking his toe. But we love the orange! Couldn't have gotten a better color!
The Owens

Micah said...

That picture is killing me! It's kind of funny and heartbreaking at the same time :)

I spent some time browsing through some of your old posts this afternoon. You're such a good blogger!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Owens the color orange couldn't have been a better choice!! The Vet must be a graduate from that great school in east Tennessee!!

Love Ya, Miss Ya'll already!!

Brenda & Eddie

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