Friday, September 12, 2008

Frugal Friday

Ok, I was headed out to Walgreens to use my $10/$40 coupon and combine it with some other coupons that I had. When I got there , I realized that I FORGOT TO PRINT THE COUPON. Not real bright. So, I went into Walgreens anyway, (because that is just what women do) and boy was it worth it. These are the items that I got:

Scrubbing Bubbles tub and shower cleaner 3.79

plastic spoons .99

Dole fruit in a cup 3 @ 2.99 ea.

Sunsilk shampoo (with free mousse attached) 2 @ 4.29

Total after tax $24.49

Here is the best part:

coupon for scrubbing bubbles 2.75

walgreens coupon for fruit 3/5.00

manufacturer coupon for fruit 1/3.00

shampoo was bogo 4.29

The sweet young girl at the counter gave me 2 coupons for the shampoo 3.00

Total after tax was $8.55!

The net on the shampoo was $1.29 for two bottles of shampoo and two cans of mousse

Savings = $15.94!!


Micah said...

Seriously?? How do you do that??

Micah said...

Seriously?? How do you do that??

Tricia Hicks said...

Micah, start with this blog. It will educate you on using coupons, and combining them with deals at , Walgreens, CVS, etc. She also references a lot of other blogs. I wish I had more time to try and save money this way. When Walgreens has their coupon I try to take advantage of it by using it to stock up on toiletry items. It can be addictive though, so consider yourself forewarned :).

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