Monday, September 14, 2009

More before and afters...

I bought this chair for $2 at the goodwill outlet. A little spray paint and fabric turned this:

into this:


Anonymous said...

Ok I'm looking at it and trying to decide what exactly you did to it. What did you spray paint? The seat and arms look leather. Did you spray that? Did you make a slip cover for the back or just cover it? And where EXACTLY is this store? I've read where you said but can't remember. My sis in law would LOVE this and she does stuff like this all the time. I just feel like I don't have time or ideas without getting them from someone else. Great job on the chair and the others!

Tricia Hicks said...

I painted the arms black and the legs with chrome paint. I made a slip cover for the back but I didn't sew, I just glued the fabric together. The seat I covered with black fabric using a regular stapler! The outlet store is in Berry Hill. It is on Berry Road just off of Franklin Rd. There is a retail store in the front and the outlet is in the back. I am addicted to going there. It is open on Sunday. Let's go one Sunday ok?

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