Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sticker shock

Recently, Kevin and I have had prescriptions to be filled for very expensive medications. My insurance has a drug co-pay of $10, $35, & $80. Before I took my prescription to be filled, I did a quick search on the internet and found a $15 off coupon. It was an $80 co-pay with my insurance so the $15 off helped a little. Kevin took his prescription to be filled last week and the Dr had written a 90-day supply. The cost was $160.00!! That's right One hundred and sixty dollars. The funny thing is that it is for Restasis which is supposed to help with dry eyes. We both said it helped made us cry at the cost! Kevin questioned the pharmacist about the cost and she told him that without insurance it would be over $900.00. Who in the world can pay $900 for prescription drugs?? Armed with anger over having to pay such a high price, I did a search on the internet and found a $20 rebate for his prescription. Also, it was time to refill my expensive drug so I got another $15 coupon and Walgreens had a coupon in their ad recently for a $25 gift card with any transferred prescription. I used the coupon and the with the gift card, it brought my net out of pocket to $40.00. Hopefully I'll be able to use the gift card with some other coupons and sale items to maximze the value.

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